Abolish racism pt 2


We as a people would learn a lot from the innocent children of the world racism and hate is not something your born with its something that is taught why do people want to teach your child to hate someone because of the color of their skin or the religion they practice it makes no sense because when we all die and we will all meet our maker one day how do you think you will be judged do you honestly think that GOD will turn a blind eye for the way that people teach racism to his innocent children?? We have to do better because it is destroying us people it really is love thy neighbor you will be surprised what you will learn by being friends or loving another human being regardless of what color they are WAKE UP WORLD for another part of this blog go to my other blog for comments or even discussion》》》》》》 janellecolley.blogspot.com that’s janellecolley.Blogspot.com

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